Our Origin

BRLG Cafe and Events was established as an Indigenous Not For Profit organisation in 2022, with 50% Indigenous ownership. 

Boonyee Rushgin’s goal is to train/upskill disadvantaged people of North Queensland to assist them to successfully gain employment or change career paths.

  • Providing ongoing Indigenous Australian Art workshops
  • Showcasing Indigenous Australian Art
  • Provide a venue for up-and-coming Indigenous Australians to perform music in a live setting.
  • Give the ability to Indigenous Australians to share their culture through food, music and art, by providing a safe and secure environment to non-Indigenous Australians and fellow Indigenous Australians.
  • Partnering and working together with established Indigenous Australian not for profit and sole traders, to strengthen the relationships with Traditional artists in both music and art, locally and with communities that are regional and remote.
  • Grow, harvest and utilise traditional ingredients.
  • Incorporate growing traditional ingredients into the food that will be prepared and served.
  • Encourage community engagement and fellowship both between Indigenous Australians and non-indigenous Australians, to work towards unity and working together for reconciliation.
  • Working collaboratively with Indigenous Australian not for profit and sole traders to assist Indigenous Australians with the support, knowledge, tools and ability to share the traditional methods with younger generations, to ensure the traditional ways are preserved.

Boonyee Rushgin Training Cafe and Events